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A lockbox will be installed in order to provide access for other realtors to view your home with their clients. It is extremely uncomfortable for buyers if you are present during showings, so it is essential that you leave the home to allow them to feel at ease. The more accommodating you can be the better, but buyers and their agents understand that your home isn’t accessible 24/7 and there are times your home will not be available for viewings.

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Photos and measurements will be taken to ensure your home is accurately represented across all marketing materials. Be sure to review these materials and if you have suggestions or additional information, we will work together to determine the best course of action. I have an array of marketing tools at my disposal and will employ a strategy that best suits your individual situation.

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House preparation

Complete any repairs the house may require to ensure it is at its best when it hits the market. It’s important for buyers to feel the house has been well cared for and is move in ready. Even little things can lead a buyer to believe there is a lot of work to be done, and that can cause them to reconsider if your home is the right one for them.

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Document preparation and signing

Once we have decided to move forward, you will enter into an Exclusive Seller Representation Agreement. The agreement must be a minimum of 60 days to allow access to the local MLS system. The contract includes particulars like your asking price, proposed possession date and what is included or excluded as part of the sale. I will help you determine if any other documents are necessary, such as your Real Property Report or appropriate condo documents from a management company.

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Step One- Agent interviews and CMA

It’s important to take time meet with your agent and find out if they are a good match for you moving forward in a business relationship. After all, selling your home is a team effort that takes the cooperation of all parties to reach a mutual goal. This should have little to do with suggested price or commission, and more to do with your belief that they have your best interest at heart. The CMA will provide a market value for your home and help you understand how the realtor came to that determination. Also take this opportunity to find out how the agent plans on marketing your home.

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A new bus rapid transit route is being planned for SW Calgary, Beginning in Woodbine and running all the way Downtown. Many residents of neighbourhoods that have planned BRT stations are not happy. The City has slated 40 million dollars for the project to connect Southwest communities to Glenmore Landing, Heritage Park, Rockyview Hospital, Mount Royal University, Lincoln Park, Currie Barracks, Marda Loop and downtown. I live in Woodbine and see no reason to have this type of BRT start in the community. I have lived in Woodbine my entire life and never heard anyone complain about the access to Downtown or any other destinations. Based on the on the overwhelming negative reaction to the plan, I know I'm not alone. I'm sure the project will have some upside

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Non residential construction held strong in the end of 2015, with spending up 1% from 2014. Despite an slight pull back in the fourth quarter versus the third, spending remained at near record highs and was offset by an increase in industrial construction spending. The biggest drop came from industrial and government spending, but with the government hinting at increased infrastructure spending, we could see an increase in the coming months. Booth residential and non residential construction will undoubtedly pull back in 2016 and with a increased level of available office space downtown Calgary, it could be years before construction on yet another office tower is announced.

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After a long dispute, Suncor has purchased Canadian Oil Sands. The deal is primarily an exchange of shares so the dollar amount will fluctuate but the deal is said to be worth $6.6B. Suncor had originally made an offer in October 2015 but it was not well received and expired before a deal could be made. They made a second offer of 0.25 of a Suncor share for each COS share, and after some negotiation it seems to have landed at 0.28 of a Suncor for each share of COS. It's not a done deal yet but at this point both companies indicate that both sides are supporting the deal, which has a deadline of 4 p.m. MT on February 5.

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There has been some recent excitement over reports that foreclosures in Calgary have risen 30% in recent months. There a lot of ads proclaiming that foreclosures are great deals and a wealth of opportunity but foreclosures in Canada are much different than in the U.S. Canadian law states that foreclosed properties cannot be sold under market value. When a property if foreclosed on, the bank conducts an appraisal as well as asks a local realtor to conduct a comparative market analysis of the property to determine fair market value. The banks have no interest in selling the home for under market value as it can negatively effect the value of other mortgages the lender holds in the marketplace. They also must protect the mortgagees equity. The bank cannot

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The Calgary real Estate Board released their annual forecast today predicting a 3.44% decline in benchmark price in 2016. Low oil prices are the main factor in the predicted price declines, which differs from the 2008 decline in that the 08' decline was largely financial based and widespread, while this years decline caused by low oil prices is more compartmentalized. Oil being the leading factor in the current economic decline have led to some comparison to the early 1980's but it's very unlikely to reach that level of severity, due to the fact that interest rates are at an all time low and that even though net migration has slowed to Calgary, the levels will remain positive in 2016.

The beginning of 2016 will have the buyers in the driver's seat, but

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